We are pleased to announce that we now have full 360 video analytics support. We can track, aggregate, and analyze how users interact and view 360 videos in virtual reality. All of these data play along together in SceneExplorer.

Here it is in action:

We have both views represented in this scenario. In the first image, you can see the a single VR user’s head move about the 360 video and watch specific areas of the video. The heatmap around them corresponds to their gaze. We are tracking the point in time and 3D position of their gaze in relation to the video.  In the second view, you are able to see the unwrapped video alongside a gaze heatmap representing the user’s vision. Both of these views are able to be aggregated and macroscopic information about video interests can be uncovered.

With our technology, user sessions are available immediately after they conclude, with further aggregate reports created available every single day.

More metrics we provide, available immediately on our dashboard:

  • Hardware information
  • User session length, as well as averages over time
  • User retention
  • Custom user events (menu clicks, brand clickthroughs)
  • Customizable user survey questions

The new freedoms enjoyed by users in 360 video mark not only an increase in immersion for users, but in ability to build clear metrics about visual engagement for content creators. Tracking user vision in this way is vital for anyone publishing a 360 video application.

If you’d like to track user gaze on 360 videos, please don’t hesitate to contact us now, and we can schedule an in-depth demo of how our platform works!

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