With the release of both ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android), hundreds of millions of devices over the upcoming fall season will be AR-enabled. While some form of AR is has been available on mobile for some time, the release of an officially supported AR platform on both mobile ecosystems is groundbreaking.

Fortunately, both Google and Apple have made their AR platform accessible using the same tooling used in VR and mobile game development. ARKit and ARCore are very easy to use with both Unity and Unreal Engine. Creating scenes is a straightforward process and we were able to get some demo scenes up and running in only a few minutes in Unity.

After confirming that we could build to a Google Pixel, we then added Dynamic Object components onto the “Andy” Android mascot, and were able to start tracking user gaze originating from the phone.

After working with the basic ARCore sample, we were able to track user behaviour in 5 minutes of installing our analytics SDK.

Along with single session tracking, we can track the following metrics in aggregated forms as well:

  • User gaze
  • Object engagement
  • Custom Events
  • User surveys in AR

If you’re working on an ARKit or ARCore app, and would like to start analyzing how users are experiencing it, book a demo with us today and we can help you get started.

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