Cognitive3D worked alongside Accenture, Qualcomm, Kelloggs and InContext Solutions, to create a virtual reality experience based on the existing real-world business needs of Kellogg's. The experience set out to test planogram configuration, product placement, & pricing strategy for the launch of Kellogg's new product: Pop Tarts Bites.

The case study is covered in the below video, and was released during CES 2019 as part of a presentation by Accenture and Qualcomm.

All data collection and analytics insights were collected by the Cognitive3D platform, through use of the Qualcomm 845 eye tracking capabilities.

We found that not only does VR introduce faster turn around and a lower cost to the research process - but the eye tracking results and outcomes led to a different conclusion than what was decided by the brand, resulting in a 18% lift in category sales over the typical product launch strategy.

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