SceneExplorer is now out of beta!

We at cognitiveVR have been working very hard on SceneExplorer. Our last post featured our beta launch, and I couldn’t be more happy to report on our success.

The SceneExplorer beta was installed on over 175 VR games, platforms, products and apps. During this time, our customers tracked and analyzed over 25,000 (anonymized) user sessions in VR across 250 VR scenes.

Every VR HMD was represented on the platform, including Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

Along the way, we added a way to visualize users HMD positions, as well as custom events.

Usecases for SceneExplorer spanned multiple industries and forms:

  • VR Real Estate
  • Workplace Training & Safety
  • Simulations
  • Games
  • 360 Video Platforms
  • Retail Product Placement
  • Medical Product Sales


Customer traction is a great feeling for the entire team, but awards feel great too! Our team brought SceneExplorer to the Immerse 2016 summit, and won first place overall in the SharkTank VR competition!


We were even lucky enough to get a few interviews (click for full videos):


Here’s a great writeup of the event, and our award, by our friend Ryan Boudinot: [link].

SceneExplorer was also discussed by Robert Scoble recently: [link]


So what’s next?

We are building on the features requested by customers! Next up is a product we’re calling ExitPoll. It looks like this:


ExitPoll is a tool that completes the development feedback loop for VR developers. In essence, it’s a prefab you drop in to your game engine that lets users give you quick feedback. Extremely useful for beta testers, as well as at scale testing of new features. Users can simple gaze at an answer to a quick question, and even leave voice feedback (recorded from the HMD microphone).

ExitPoll will be tightly integrated into SceneExplorer, meaning you can quickly see the user sessions of people who gave you certain feedback. This allows users who have bad experiences to leave direct feedback for developers without ever leaving their game. It also ties in to our A/B testing module on our VR Analytics dashboard, so that developers can test new features and receive qualitative feedback right away.

If you’re interested in using ExitPoll, or want to talk to us for any reason, please feel free to reach out:


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