SceneExplorer is here.


After speaking to numerous game developers, level designers, QA engineers, producers, and marketing people, we knew we needed a fundamentally different approach for visualizing data from virtual reality experiences.

Our answer to that is SceneExplorer. The product works by exporting your VR scenes to the web, and then automatically pushing user session data as your VR experience is used. Simply drop the brand new SDK into Unity and click “Export Scene”.  After enabling the player tracker script, you’re ready to go!

SceneExplorer lets you take a comprehensive look at what people are doing, seeing, and where they are going in your VR environment. This has been extremely useful in a variety of usecases:

  • Debugging low performance zones
  • QA testing for crashes and bugs (add those as custom events!)
  • Optimizing narrative experiences across users
  • Product placement and branding
  • Balancing your VR experience

We’ve been working very hard on this new features, and we think you’ll love it. To give it a try, check out

To get started with the brand new SDK, check out the brand new guide:

Thanks, and happy exploring!

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