We updated our Unity SDK. The scope of this update is much larger than what we expected, but there are some great changes!

The full installation guide: http://docs.cognitivevr.io/unity/get-started/

Direct download: CognitiveVR_0_3_0.unitypackage

For descriptions about each Analytic Component, see: http://docs.cognitivevr.io/unity/sample-scripts/

Importing the package into your project is almost the same as before:

  1. Enter your cognitiveVR Customer ID
  2. Select your SDK
  3. Save
  4. Open Component Window – NEW!


This new window presents a bunch of nifty little features you can add to your project. We call them Analytics Components. They are built from Unity’s component based system. This collection of Analytics Components will be easy to expand as we support new SDKs, as we provide new features and as VR SDKs expand their capabilities.

Optional vr-related components:

Not all of these Analytics Components will fit with your project. So each one is optional and has its source code available for you to customize or reference.

Updating should be harmless

These Analytics Components are self contained and loosely connected to the cognitiveVR_Manager class using an event based system. Because Unity’s package system doesn’t diff like source control, splitting functionality into smaller files helps reduce the headache of upgrading.

Same code

cognitiveVR Analytics has all the same code and functionality as the new Analytics Components. These provided components are just a way to provide common VR inputs that are easy to set up.


  • CognitiveVR_Manager with initialization. This is required to use the Analytics Components listed below.
  • Arm Length
  • Battery
  • Chaperone
  • Comfort
  • Controller Collision
  • HMD Collision
  • HMD Height
  • HMD Present
  • Occlusion
  • Screen Resolution
  • Steamworks User


  • Visual tweaks to settings window
  • RoomSize from SteamVR Chaperone is now a component
  • Teleport is now an Analytics Component on the CognitiveVR_Manager
  • Controller Input is now an Analytics Component on the CognitiveVR_Manager
  • Moved Editor scripts outside of Plugins folder. This was creating issues with SteamVR openvr_api.cs and Unity’s compile order
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