The best thing about Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will be VR multiplayer

Why? Well…

  • The vast majority of my work time spent online is interacting with other people.
  • The vast majority of my time spent in video games is with my friends.
  • The vast majority of my time spent watching movies or TV is with family or friends.

Why would VR be any different? It wont be. Single-player experiences just don’t call to our human need to interact with others. This trend will continue in VR and AR as we get more and more immersed with new technologies.

This is also why I think that Valve’s Dota 2 VR Spectator Mode will evolve into a social eSport platform rather than just a nice tech demo to show off the HTC Vive.

I strongly disagree that VR will ever end up being a lonely addiction that isolates tech enthusiasts.

VR Multiplayer vs. VR Alone

Right away people are looking past single-user experiences and anticipating better ways humans can connect and work together.

AR and VR are already being considered for enterprise collaboration use-cases. This trend will only continue.

Anyone who has tried VR knows that the full glory of immersive experiences is actually sharing them with your friends and family. Countless awe inspiring moments were captured in our office as soon as we received our HTC Vive developer kit. Just look at this Hover Junkers video demo. These are the types of immersive games we will be playing with our friends very, very soon. Tell me you don’t want to play this with your friends:

The same amazing social experiences will start to happen to thousands and thousands of non-developers around the world as they start receiving these magical new headsets. Whether through the internet or in our living rooms, I am extremely optimistic that VR will be used to enjoy amazing new experiences with our fellow humans

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