Cognitive3D offers three primary licensing options.

All licensing options provide full access to the Cognitive3D platform and include unlimited projects, sessions and scenes. License limits are based on Participants. A Participant is defined as an individual user on the platform.

Academic Licensing

Conduct non-commercial studies and research.

Full access to the Cognitive3D Platform for all students and faculty, offered at a highly discounted rate for non-commercial work

Project Based Licensing

For short studies, pilots and projects.

Full access to platform features for up to three (3) months to conduct a study, pilot, or project. Up to twelve (12) additional months of data retention.

Annual Platform Licensing

For ongoing training, simulation and research.

Our standard annual licensing, best for training, simulation and research projects that will be operating year-round.

Customized Enterprise Option

Our customized enterprise program provides additional support to address any specifications you need to measure your VR/AR projects.

Secure Dedicated Cloud: Dedicated deployment of our infrastructure in your AWS or Microsoft Azure account.
Secure On Premises: Our software, your facility. Runs on dedicated hardware and fits within your IT requirements.
Custom visualizations and widgets.
Custom outcome reports and export formats.
Customized Data Workflows & Storage Strategies.
Custom Privacy Policy and Strategy Support.
Option for Whitelabels of Dashboard and Reports.

Recommended Hardware

Supported Engines

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