Feature Highlight Series: Active Session View

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C3D Feature Highlight Series: Active Session View

Have you ever thought about what it’d be like to look through someone else’s eyes?

To see what they see.

To step inside their shoes.

Active Session View lets you do exactly that.

When you install the Cognitive3D SDK, it provides the Researcher (Consumer Research) or Trainer (Training & Simulation) with a real time view into human behavior within the simulation from their perspective.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking lets us quickly identify what people look at.


Our platform supports all of the best in-class eye tracking devices. Full list here

Overview of eye tracking capabilities:

  • The red circle represents where the user’s eyes are looking in real time.
  • The blue circles represent Fixations: These are stop points where the user looked at for 15 ms or greater.
  • The blue lines represent Saccades: These are rapid movements of the eye between fixations.

Dynamic Objects

Dynamic Objects are anything within the VR/AR experience that you’re interested in. You can tag them and automatically collect data on them.

Once tagged, they become independently tracked and you see interactions on a per user basis.

Examples of Dynamic Objects include: tools, hazards, products, etc.

Most importantly, unlike video we can record and subscribe fixations to Dynamic Objects.

Events Timeline

All of the events that are fired within the VR/AR experience are displayed in chronological order on the left hand side.

This way, you can quickly see when important actions are taking place.

Data Collection

Active Session View provides a sanity check for data collection.

Our customers were concerned and hesitant about the process because they couldn’t actually see it happen, and the SDK was silent.

When there was a problem, it wasn’t apparent.

They wanted to know: Is the data I’m being collected properly? Is it being sent to the server?

Active Session View eliminates these concerns.

Getting Started

At Cognitive3D we make it easy for you to get actionable insights from VR/AR experiences.

We are headset agnostic and support a number of software engines such as Unity, Unreal, C++ and JS.

This means you can simply install our SDK and connect your headset to start capturing spatial data.

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Posted by Albert Liu
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