Spatial Analytics for the
Unreal Engine

Cognitive3D is a turnkey enterprise-grade analytics platform that lets you collect data and get actionable insights from your 3D training simulations.

Giving you the ability to accelerate learning outcomes.

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The only analytics solutions powerful enough to support the most advanced real-time 3D creation platform.

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How To Get Started

Collect Data

Download our SDK and integrate into your new or existing Unreal project to start automatically collecting spatial data such as eye tracking, biometrics and actions.

Get a one to one replay of exactly what users did during 3D training sessions. Making it possible to conduct After Action Review (AAR) anywher, anytime

Make Sense Of Data

Use our dashboard to set up and define the steps required for users to be successful based on their behavior. Identify bottlenecks in the process by seeing where users struggled. This gives training managers an unbiased and quantitative way to measure user compliance. Get answers to questions like:

  • Are users noticing hazards?
  • Are the steps being completed in the right sequence?
  • Are users doing critical actions in a timely manner?

Get Real Results

Track user performance over time by connecting your 3D training simulation outcomes with your Learning Management System. LMS)

This way, your 3D training simulations can be integrated with the rest of the organizations overall training programs. Making it easier to deliver learning materials and certifications.

Our platform supports xAPI standards which make it possible to collect data from a wide range of experiences.

Get deeper insights from your Unreal 3D training simulations.
For full details check out our documentation

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