Testing your store with VR?

Get data about your virtual retail testing environments, right away.


Track metrics and trends around user behavior. Answer questions related interactions in virtual retail environments.


See through your testers eyes. Replay user sessions 1:1 with SceneExplorer, or explore aggregated gaze and path data.


VR/AR ready user polling and feedback tools mean your team gets instant information as your testers explore.

Case Study: Using Mobile Eyetracked VR for Retail Merchandising


Cognitive3D worked alongside Accenture, Qualcomm, Kelloggs, & InContext Solutions, to create a virtual reality experience based on the existing real-world business needs of Kellogg's. The experience set out to test planogram configuration, product placement, & pricing strategy for the launch of Kellogg's new product: Pop Tarts Bites.

The retail experience utilized the new Qualcomm 845 chip to enable eye tracking on mobile VR, meaning we could enable user eye tracking support within the Cognitive3D analytics package. The addition of precise eye tracking to the immersive VR experience enabled a new layer of insights not possible with any other method of research.

Eye tracking provided us with insights into consumer behavior that we would've otherwise missed.
― Raffaella Camera, Global Head of Market & Innovation Strategy / Accenture Extended Reality
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A Better Way To Do Market Research: VR & Eye Tracking
Read this case study to find out how we used VR eye tracking and analytics to uncover insights that were missed before to increase total brand sales by 18% during testing.
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What can we measure?


Track gaze on products, shelves, retail activations and signage with eye tracking enabled devices.


How did the user move through the retail experience, and was the customer drawn to the appropriate planograms?

Dynamic Objects

Did users interact with relevant products? Did the customer react to product positioning or packaging? Did this lead to a purchase?


Measure and compare how physical and emotional state may have influenced a buyers behavior in SceneExplorer.

Build better retail spaces with analytics

Cognitive3D analytics technology gives you a 1:1 look into your customer behaviour. Put down the clipboards and start analyzing more effectively and accurately with digital realities.

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