SceneExplorer is a sophisticated 3D data visualization platform built from the ground up to support virtual, mixed, and augmented reality.

Unlike traditional mobile or web analytics tools, SceneExplorer surfaces true to life visualizations of human behaviour in the 3d context where they occured.

Our technology enables our customers to quickly identify important insights in their VR/MR/AR apps, and develop hypothesises on virtual and augmented human interaction.

Single User Sessions


Object Mode

Augmented / Mixed Reality



3D data visualization

SceneExplorer can extract both individual and aggregated insights such as:

  • Gaze tracking, including retinal/eye tracking
  • User path and movement activity in real and virtual space
  • Spatial relevancy of user events
  • Controller engagements, articulation, and button presses
  • Virtual object tracking, including controller engagements and user gaze
  • Biometric sensor data & aggregation

How SceneExplorer enables business process innovation:

Product Development

Car manufacturers leverage VR/AR/MR to visualize their vehicle prototypes - we provide sentiment and quantitive analysis of experiential interaction from internal and external stakeholders.

Retail and Consumer Package Goods

Brands are taking their testing digital with virtual storefronts and shopping experiences. We extract experiential interactions in the shopper buying process, and the most important insights in planogram positioning and package design.

Training and Simulation

Virtual and augmented reality offer unprecedented opportunity to innovate on training and simulation. These platforms also offer experiential interaction data, enabling cognitive3D to extract insights like subject confusion, interpretation, effe ctiveness and ultimately compliance.

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