SceneExplorer provides a one to one 3D replay of exactly what happened during your immersive simulation.

This gives customers the ability to conduct After Action Review (AAR) for training or research anytime and anywhere.

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Get Actionable Insights

  • Eye tracking, biometrics and participant action data is automatically collected from the session.
  • One to one sessions in 3D provide a complete picture of exactly what happened within the proper context.
  • All of the events that take place within the session are tagged on the timeline and in 3D space so you can focus on what matters.

Share Your Insights

  • Distributing sessions to others within your organization is as easy as sending a link with appropriate annotations.
  • SceneExplorer runs smoothly on the browser, making it accessible through many devices.
  • All sessions are recorded permanently in the Cloud and can be retrieved at anytime.

Improve Simulation Outcomes

  • Whether you're training employees or doing research, SceneExplorer lets you holistically evaluate human performance.
  • Observe how participants behave compared to expectations and prove your hypotheses.
  • Better understand how participant behavior changes over time or session over session.

Join hundreds of immersive simulation experts by using Cognitive3D to understand your participants.

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