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Measuring the Metaverse in 2022

What is the metaverse and why should you care? Immersive technologies mark a fundamental change in user interactions and will see a migration of users greater than web to mobile.

The new dynamics of the metaverse will offer greenfield opportunities for new metrics in human behavior.

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Deploying VR for Greater Accessibility to Healthcare Training

Case Study

TAFE NSW, NSW Health Pathology, Werfen and Cognitive3D, developed a point-of-care blood testing (PoCT) VR pilot to provide medical professionals with greater access to practical training.

How to Scale Enterprise VR Training By Leveraging Analytics


Graham Breen & Tony Bevilacqua announce the partnership between Innoactive & Cognitive 3D. This allows enterprises to use analytics to help scale VR training.

Everything VR & AR Podcast


Our Founder & CEO, Tony Bevilacqua discusses the power of utilizing metrics in AR/VR, the evolution of metrics in technology, and how this awareness can give users a better understanding of the holistic view of the trainees performance.

Industrial Evolution: Extracting Enterprise Insights from VR & AR


On this episode of Industrial Evolution, our Founder & CEO, Tony Bevilacqua joins Chad Perry to discuss how businesses derive real-world meaning from their digital twins, virtual training environments, and research simulations. By understanding the way human behavior is measured and analyzed in the enterprise.

VR In Education: Unpacking VR User Analytics


Understanding what our users are thinking is often difficult in VR. You can watch their movements on a screen but truly knowing and understanding their actions and thinking is not always possible.  On this episode of "VR In Education, we unpack analytics a bit further and discuss how to take the guesswork out of VR training and learning applications.

Purdue University Case Study: Eye Fixations & Electrodermal Activity During VR Embodiment

Case Study

Cognitive3D worked with a team of researchers from the Department of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University that wanted to investigate user embodiment within low-budget VR experiences. Researchers collected eye tracking, galvanic skin response (GSR) and questionnaire data.

Embodiment is the sense of having and perceiving a virtual body as their own.

An Inside Look: How Kent State's VR Research Lab Came Together


Getting funding for research in VR can be challenging. Especially if you don't know where to start.

Join our expert panel on November 23 at 10AM as they discuss their upcoming VR research project on neuroscience and how it came together.

HP: Next Evolution of VR


HP recently announced the HP Omnicept ecosystem. Our Founder, Tony Bevilacqua joined an expert panel to discuss how enterprises can get actionable insights from VR.

How to Dramatically Improve Safety Compliance with VR


In this webinar we cover an industrial maintenance use case. Find out how to capture actionable insights and dramatically improve safety compliance.

How to Scale VR Training Webinar


In this webinar we outline 3 steps to scaling VR training across your organization: 1) Implementation; 2) Measurement; 3) Distribution

Data Gurus: Cognitive3D - VR & Much More


Our Founder talks with Simi Vasa about how to use VR to get deeper insights for research.

How VR Improves the Effectiveness of Vocational Training

Case Study

Read this case study with Accenture to learn best practices for getting results when using VR to train your employees.

VR Merchandising: A New Reality For Market Research

Case Study

Read this case study to learn how we used VR to increase brand sales by 18% during testing and uncovered insights that were missed by traditional research.

Join hundreds of immersive simulation experts by using Cognitive3D to understand your participants.

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