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Cognitive3D is a platform that records, measures, aggregates, and analyzes data from VR, AR and MR experiences. Our technology helps brands develop better products, understand spaces in new ways, and carry out training with clearer results. But that’s not all: we’re also creating a language for this type of insight, giving our customers new ways to understand and quantify human performance.



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  • Cognitive3D Logo
  • Cognitive3D Logo
  • Cognitive3D Logo
  • Cognitive3D Logo
  • Cognitive3D Logo

Marketing Renders

  • Cognitive3D for Training Simulation
  • Cognitive3D for Consumer Research


  • Cognitive3D SceneExplorer for Training
  • Cognitive3D SceneExplorer for Vehicle Research
  • Cognitive3D SceneExplorer for Retail Research


  • Tony Bevilaqua

    Tony Bevilacqua

    Founder & CEO

Team Photos

  • Tony Bevilacqua on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 SF
  • Cognitive3D Logo on a Vive
  • Team at a hackathon in Whistler


Cognitive3D for Training Simulation

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