Measure your 3D worlds

Whether you are at a Fortune 500 or a startup, Cognitive3D can help you understand user participation in your 3D experiences.


Benchmark your app with 3D metrics
  • Record up to 25,000 active devices per month.
  • Access industry standard metrics for comfort, presence and performance.
  • Get spatial context of where users spend time, and perform valuable actions.
  • Collect feedback from remote player sessions and build better apps.


Improve your app with 3D insights
Everything in Free, plus:
  • Flexible user sessions volume, ability to create participants.
  • Record 1:1 spatial replays of each user or multiplayer session remotely.
  • Measure participant behaviour including spatial activity using Objectives.
  • Analyze performance, feature usage and spatial engagement with telemetry.


Scale your program with 3D analytics
Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Enterprise level support, with onboarding, integration strategy, and SLA
  • Integrate Single Sign-On (SSO), third party systems, and API access
  • Support for cyber security review and access to SOC 2 report
  • Custom deployment strategies including dedicated and hybrid cloud options

What's included?

See what you get in each plan, side by side
Pricing and Usage
Monthly Active Devices
Up to 25,000Up to 150,000Unlimited
Dashboard Seats
Core Tools
User Sessions
User Timelines
Data Capture
SDK Support
Unity, UnrealUnity, UnrealUnity, Unreal, C++
Gaze tracking
User actions
Positional tracking
Eye tracking
Academic Only
Academic Only
Advanced Tools
Objectives System
Up to 3 objectives
LMS/LRS Integration
Data Handling
1 yearUnlimitedUnlimited
Priority Processing
CSV Data Export
Raw Data Export
Import/Export API
US or EU Domicile
Coming SoonComing SoonComing Soon
Access Control
Privacy & Security
Single Sign On
Google and MicrosoftGoogle and Microsoft
Two Factor Auth
SOC 2 Report
Data Processing Agreement
Documentation Portal
Customer Onboarding
Customer Success
Customer Support
Community SupportStandard SLAEnterprise SLA
Professional Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a different question about our plans or pricing structure, get in touch with us!
What if I exceed my monthly active devices?
Don’t worry - we don’t stop collecting your data. We’ll send you an email when you are getting close to your limit for the month. If the limit is hit, we will disable the dashboards until the following month, but still collect all your data.
What are participants?
Conceptually, a Participant is an individual. When you identify an individual on Cognitive3D using the Participants system, we automatically identify that user in future sessions, and attribute them to the Participant's profile. When using Objectives in conjunction with the Participants system, we will display session-over-session improvements in performance, and also capture accumulated session properties and participant properties over the life of that individual's engagement.
Do you offer specialized pricing for startups?
Absolutely. As a startup ourselves, we understand the challenges involved with building a product from 0->1. Our advanced capabilities can be an unlock for product-market fit, and for growth. Reach out to discuss specialized pricing, or even a scholarship for Pro.
What options are available for academic institutions?
We have supported academic institutions from the beginning with special pricing and scholarships. We offer advanced capabilities in eye tracking and biometrics as well. If you are building in 3D with Unity or Unreal, please reach out to discuss options.
Who owns what we upload to the platform, why is it free?
Cognitive3D is not in the business of selling data. We are interested in getting you on a paid plan as you grow your business and find value in our more advanced features. Until then, we want to help you get there, and thats what the free tier is all about.
Is your SDK integration a nightmare?
We've spent over 5 years building up our Software Development Kits (SDK) and have pretty good visibility and accommodation for the edge cases and challenges thrown at us by the engines and platforms. Overall we would expect it to take you less than one hour to do a baseline SDK install and initial scene upload. The rest is just a matter of product specific configuration.

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