Enterprise features

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The cognitive3D platform has been built from the ground up to be flexible for enterprises that are leveraging virtual, augmented and mixed reality in their business.

Whether you are using immersive technology for a public experience, or leveraging it to enhance your internal product development processes, cognitive3d has solutions to address these advanced deployments.

Data Security Options

We understand the importance of data security at cognitive3D, and recognize that our public cloud may not be an appropriate location for confidential, proprietary geometry and engagement data. With this in mind, we have created a variety of deployment options for enterprises.

All enterprise licenses do not share any data with Cognitive3D.


On Premises

An onsite deployment of our infrastructure within your facility. Runs on dedicated servers, and the software is maintained by Cognitive3D.

Dedicated Cloud

A dedicated cloud deployment of our infrastructure within your cloud account at Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Software is maintained by Cognitive3D.

Enterprise Features

Raw Data Access

Enterprise customers can opt to have access to raw data that is collected by our SDK, both the original data (prior to processing), and processed data available in our data warehouse. Customer must use an advanced deployment strategy to access this feature, and it is not available on Shared Cloud.

Raw Data Export

Customers can export data from our slicer tool, which is made available on-demand in a CSV format.

Invoice Billing

Enterprise customers can take advantage of invoice billing, and other payment methods outside our standard credit card billing. We also offer discounts for annual commitments, and annual upfront payments.

Enterprise Support

Platform SLA

Customizable platform service level agreement (SLA), with separate governance and availability commitments on Tier 1-4 issues ranging from data collection, visualization, and support services.

Support Availability

Our team is available M-F, 9-5 for standard issues and integrations support. Issues involving platform availability are handled on a 24/7/365 basis, and governed by your Platform SLA.

Support Options

Email, Phone and Slack. Screen shares are provided as needed.

Slack Channel

For enterprise integrations, we offer access to our integration team via a dedicated Slack channel. This puts your team directly connected with experts from cognitive3D.

Enterprise Services

Experience Creation Services

Cognitive3D has some internal capabilities primarily for training and simulation projects, and can source additional talent or third party vendors to support larger projects.

Integration Support

Our team is able to support integrations of the platform within your existing experience on Unity, Unreal Engine, and Autodesk VRED. Our integration services come with a proposed integration strategy, performance testing (baseline, after implementation), documentation, and final source access on your repository.

Platform Training

We will provide basic support and guidance on how to use the platform for no additional fee. If you require webinars, customized documentation, or onsite training workshops - we will scope and propose an additional cost.

Data Analysis and Reporting

We work with a variety of partners and consultants that we can recommend for data analysis, reporting either on a one-time basis, or reoccurring basis.

Custom Engine Integration

We maintain an agnostic C++ SDK for supporting integrations with third party and custom engine technology. If another language is required, an SDK could be constructed to appropriately gather data and communicate with our web services.

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