Scene Viewer

Scene Viewer gives you spatial context about 3D environments by providing the ability to see data represented from an aggregate perspective.

Understanding "where" something happens within your 3D application is just as important as understanding "what" happens.

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Get Aggregate Insights

  • Gaze: Where users look at and how they engage with the 3D environment with their eyes.
  • Positioning: How users interact and navigate through the 3D environment. Where they spend the most time, the paths that they take.
  • Event-based: Where specific events happen. For example: Where did users take off their headset? This could indicate that they've gotten stuck.

Get Spatial Context

  • Spatial context is fundamental to understanding user behavior within 3D environments.
  • User journeys are non-linear and more complicated to predict compared to web and mobile.
  • Scene Viewer makes it easy for you to focus on what matters.
  • Make sense of user behavior within 3D applications and understand where relevant events are happening.

Get Answers

  • Scene Viewer gives you the tools to answer any questions you have about your 3D application.
  • Our analytics dashboard gives you the tools to dive deeper into data in real time and easily share reports with your team.
  • Get a full 360 degree of your 3D environment so you don't miss anything important. The Slice Model helps you query and filter aggregate data based on the properties you're looking for.

Join hundreds of immersive simulation experts by using Cognitive3D to understand your participants.

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