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A New Class of Analytics

We help customers understand their users in immersive simulations. Our spatial analytics technology surfaces brand new behavioural metrics crafted specifically for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

Spatial Data

Track spatial user behaviour with our innovative SceneExplorer tool.

SceneExplorer captures user gaze, position, and even biometric sensor. Need eye tracking? We do that too.

Object Data

Each individual object in your scene is tracked and viewable with our ObjectExplorer tracking technology. Each object tracks multiple properties including gaze, fixation, related events, position, controller engagements, and more.

Qualitative Feedback

Serve user surveys and questionnaires right in VR or MR with ExitPoll.

ExitPoll also includes voice responses using the HMD's onboard microphone. You can even edit your questions from our dashboard without needing to ship a new build.

Events & Objectives

Capture user events spatially with our Custom Events feature.

Every event automatically includes 3D world position for spatial context. We also offer an Objectives feature to track things like training goals and user compliance.

Featured Hardware

We support all major VR, AR, & MR headsets, including premium eye tracking hardware such as the Varjo VR-1, and the Vive Pro Eye with Tobii powered eye tracking. View the full list of supported hardware.

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  • Virtual Reality
  • Roomscale VR
  • Tracked Controllers
  • Eye Tracking with Pupil Labs
  • Virtual Reality
  • Roomscale VR
  • Tracked Controllers
  • Eye Tracking with Pupil Labs
  • Virtual Reality
  • Roomscale VR
  • Tracked Controllers
  • Tobii Eye Tracking
  • Virtual Reality
  • Roomscale Tracking
  • Tracked Controllers
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mobile HMD
  • Tracked Controller
  • Mixed Reality
  • Eye Tracking
  • Stand-alone mobile
  • Virtual Reality
  • Roomscale VR
  • Tracked Controllers

Supported Engines

We have SDKs for all major 3D engines and platforms. Check out our documentation.

Unity SDK

Unity Engine

Unreal Engine SDK

Unreal Engine

Javascript SDK




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