Discover user behaviour on a per object basis.

ObjectExplorer surfaces insights from Dynamic Objects in your scenes.

The Cognitive3D platform runs every object through an innovative data aggregation process, generating metrics for every possible interaction between your users and your virtual objects.

No coding required.

Tag the objects you want to track in your scene with our Dynamic Object component and they will be activated automatically during the standard export process.

Compare Objects

ObjectExplorer calculates gaze and engagement metrics for each object, across all versions and sessions. This enables comparisons across different objects and versions.

Answers at a Glance

ObjectExplorer comes standard with quick filtering tools for instantaneous object comparisons and sorting.


Each data point from a Dynamic Object is synchronized with player gaze & engagement data in SceneExplorer.

Advanced Stats

Our powerful aggregation system exposes dozens of metrics across multiple types of interaction. User gaze, controller engagements, session statistics, and version comparisons are all standard on our platform.

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Gaze Metrics
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