Dynamic Objects

Environments that are driven by 3D engines make it possible to capture deeper insights than traditional 2D platforms.

With Dynamic Objects, you can discover how participants interact with Objects in the environment.

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Collect Data From Objects

  • Tag the objects you want to track within the 3D environment and automatically collect participant interaction data about the Object.
  • Object heatmaps show you which areas receives the most attention by overlaying participant gaze and eye tracking data.
  • Filter and compare Objects based on properties, and participant interactions using the Dynamic Objects Dashboard

Applicable For Many Use Cases

  • Better inform your product designs by collecting data from multiple faces of the packaging. This makes it easy to see which areas attracted the most attention from shoppers.
  • Training managers can better evaluate trainee performance by observing how they interact with tools, hazards or machinery.
  • Researchers can test their hypotheses within 3D environments by observing how participants react to stimuli.

Get Actionable Insights From Participant Interactions

Data collected about the Object shows:

  • How many times it was seen.
  • How long participants looked at it.
  • How many times it was seen across all the sessions.
  • The order in which it was seen.
  • How long it took from the start of the session to be seen.

Learn more about the metrics we collect.

Join hundreds of immersive simulation experts by using Cognitive3D to understand your participants.

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