Cognitive Releases Dashboard 3.0: Transformative Update to Our Classic Dashboard

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Cognitive Releases Dashboard 3.0: Transformative Update to Our Classic Dashboard

Dashboard 3.0 gives a new look and update to our classic dashbord with more intuitive design and powerful veatures.


🖼️ Scenes Page - Visualised data within Scenes with SceneViewer.

🪑 Sit or Stand Widget - Predicts if your users were standing or sitting during a session.

🔋Battery Efficiency - Calculates the battery drain % of your app over time.

SceneViewer: Unveil Spatial Context for Comprehensive Data Analysis


Ever wanted to understand your data in the context of space? The Scenes Page is here to make that a reality. With SceneViewer, you can now visualize your data within scenes, offering spatial context like never before.

This powerful feature allows you to examine gaze, user positions, custom events and more within immersive scenes, enabling a more comprehensive analysis of user interactions and behaviours.

Sit or Stand Widget: Understand Users Preferred Posture


We're excited to introduce the Sit or Stand widget, a valuable addition to the Spatial Optimization dashboard. With the power of machine learning, we analyze a combination of head and controller movements in a session to predict whether your users were predominantly sitting or standing during their immersive experiences.

This data-driven approach offers crucial insights into user posture and helps you tailor your content or applications for the best user experience.

Battery Efficiency: Optimize App Performance

Battery drain is a significant concern for any application. With the Battery Efficiency widget, you can now track the battery drain percentage of your app over time. This feature empowers you to optimize your app's performance, ensuring that it consumes power efficiently and enhances the user experience.

We believe these new features will provide you with powerful tools to unlock deeper insights from your data and drive better-informed decisions. We are committed to enhancing your experience with Cognitive3D, and we can't wait to see how you will leverage these features for success.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments on the horizon. We can't wait to see the remarkable insights you'll uncover with Dashboard 3.0's new capabilities.

Posted by Albert Liu
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