Get voice feedback and opinion polling directly from virtual & augmented reality apps.

Training SurveyHover to RecordDo you have any feedback for training staff?
Training SurveyDid you understand the training requirements?

What is ExitPoll?

ExitPoll is a system for serving user questionnaires right inside of your VR or AR app.

Our simple user interface lets you modify and update your surveys without touching any code.

All ExitPoll survey results are aggregated immediately, so you get instant feedback from your users.

Survey Users

  • Custom Questions
  • Voice Feedback
  • Easy to use Prefab

Discover Insights

  • Instant Feedback
  • Play Directly from SceneExplorer
  • Sort Sessions by Feedback
  • Correlate Feedback to User Behavior

How ExitPoll works:


Create a Hook

Hooks are used to receive question data from the server, and are implemented in your app with one simple line of code. You can change question data on our Dashboard without recompiling your app.


Create a Question Set

Create a set of questions you would like to ask your users. New Question Sets can be created and served at any time.


Gather User Data

ExitPoll modals appear automatically wherever you choose, and users can answer questions directly from VR or AR.


View Survey Results

Question Sets are served directly inside of your app with our pre-made ExitPoll popup modals. Results are available instantly on our Dashboard.

CREATE HOOKHook Nametraining_initializationHook DescriptionA hook that activates once the training session has started.CreateCancel
Question TitleWhat was the most difficult part of training?Answer 1Completing the tasks within the time limit.Answer 2Selecting the proper tool for each task.Answer 3Doing the tasks in the correct order.Answer 4Trying to remember instructions for each task.CreateCancel
Training SurveyDid you understand the training requirements?
Question 1 “Do you understand the instructions?”37%63%Question 2 “Were you happy with your performance?”37%34%29%“Happy”“Neutral”“Not Happy”Question 3 “Did you enjoy this training app?”66%34%

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