Training users in VR?

VR is more effective than any other teaching tool. With our platform, you can even measure the results.

User Voice Feedback
Instruction Retention
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Training Analysis

How spatial analytics can help you train workers

Gaze Detection

With our build in gaze detection, you can ensure your workers are focusing on the proper instructions and processes in your app.

Object Engagements

Each digital user engagement is measured and recorded by our platform. These metrics allow you to quickly understand how users interacted with digital objects, such as vehicles or tools in your training experience.

Objectives & Compliance

Our Objectives system allows you to create and track different required Events in your experiences, enabling compliance tracking for your training experiences.

User Feedback

No training process is complete without user feedback. Our ExitPoll feature allows you to record qualitative feedback from right in your training experience, including voice feedback.

Case Study: Accenture Open Innovation

Accenture Open Innovation recently collaborated with Cognitive3D to perform a research on How Does VR Improve the Effectiveness of Vocational Training, to demonstrate quantitatively and qualitatively that VR is a better and more effective training method to enable field services and industrial workers to perform tasks more efficiently and accurately, reduce error rate and have a positive impact on long-term memory.

VR content delivers more effective training outcomes over other forms of contents from both time and accuracy perspectives.
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A Better Way to Train Employees
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