Directly Measure Results From VR Training

Receive actionable data to increase the effectiveness of your training programs and prove ROI.

Case Study

How Accenture used analytics in VR
to increase average trainee completion rates by 12%

VR content delivers more effective training outcomes over other forms of contents from both time and accuracy perspectives.

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Eliminate guesswork and capture the data

you need to improve training workflow in 3 ways:


Eye Tracking

Interactions and Positioning

Biometric Sensors

See through the eyes of your trainees and what draws their attention.

  • Identify areas of interest.
  • Find out of hazards are being noticed.
  • Examine how their eyes move through the simulation.

Track trainee behavior within the simulation.

  • Monitor how they move and the paths they take.
  • Where do they spend most of their time?
  • Which objects or tools are they interacting with?

Measure the emotional state of trainees in the simulation.

  • How well do trainees do under pressure?
  • What gets their heart rate going?
  • Are their decision making abilities affected?


Objective Systems

Report Cards

Exit Polls

Receive insight into trainee performance based on your own defined measures of success.

  • Steps can be measures of gaze, engagement, events or timing.
  • Trainees can be required to complete a set of tasks in the correct order and under a certain time limit to pass.
  • Reveal training bottlenecks by receiving a burn down of the percentage of trainees that complete each step.

Receive report cards for individual trainees or sessions.

  • Assess and compare how well cohorts or individuals completed their objectives.
  • Test different training simulations to discover new insights.
  • Download and share results with trainees.

Receive instant qualitative feedback while trainees are in VR.

  • No coding required.
  • Voice responses included.
  • Customizable questions.


Analytics Dashboard

After Action Review (AAR)

Aggregate View

Uncover deeper insights about your immersive applications.

  • Live query data for instant access to all your reports.
  • Session details are available as soon as trainees take their headsets off
  • Download sessions or queries in CSV in one click.

Review sessions afterwards to assess trainee performance

  • Examine how trainees engage within the simulation.
  • Access individual or group session replays through the web at anytime.
  • Annotate and tag session events on the timeline.

Receive insights into object data across multiple sessions.

  • Test workplace hazards to see if trainees notice them.
  • The "Explosive Hazard" sign on the left received the most attention through all the sessions.
  • Examine interactions with tools and stimuli within the environment

Concerned about whether VR will affect the accuracy of your training results?

We measure immersion and comfort to ensure the technology isn't getting in the way of the stimuli.

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