The Objectives System evaluates user behavior within simulations by qualifying their actions based on your standards for success.

Get actionable insights from your 3D application at scale instantly.

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Evaluate User Behavior

  • Ingest spatial behavior from users such as gaze, fixations or user actions.
  • Measure success by creating steps for users to complete based on spatial behavior.
  • Validate your hypotheses by qualifying behavior within the simulation based on the structured processes you create.

Get Precise Insights

  • Find out exactly what users are doing within the simulation at scale.
  • What are users struggling with and why? Encourage successful behavior by identifying reasons for failure.
  • Qualify situational awareness by tracking eye and gaze on objects within the simulation. Did the users pay attention to relevant details?

Get Session Reports

  • Get a complete timeline of what users did during the simulation.
  • Automatically assess the objectives across every user session, as well as the average step duration, average completion rates and more.
  • Get individual user reports to assess compliance and competence as well as historical progress.

Join hundreds of immersive simulation experts by using Cognitive3D to understand your participants.

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