Get Actionable Insights from VR/AR Instantly

The Objectives System helps enterprises evaluate behavior and directly measure results from VR/AR.

Measure Success in a Few Clicks

Whether you're looking to assess employee performance, conduct research or identify bottlenecks.

The Objectives Systems helps you measure success based on your goals. Qualify completion and break down user actions based on sequential or non-sequential steps.

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Assess Employee Performance

Get employee report cards to see a complete timeline of what they did during the session and how well they did based on predefined guidelines. Report cards can be downloaded in one-click.


Conduct Better Research

Researchers can set up and run experiments easily in VR/AR. Define your hypotheses and qualify subject behavior. Then receive instant feedback into the success of your experiments.


Identify Bottlenecks

Find out exactly what people are struggling on and why. By pinpointing what steps are being failed, you can understand how to build better processes and encourage successful behavior.

Get answers to questions like:

  • Are hazards being seen?
  • Are critical steps for compliance being missed or failed?
  • Are subjects behaving as expected?
  • Are steps being completed in the right sequence?
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