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We started in November of 2015 as CognitiveVR. Our mission was to help developers understand how users behaved in their virtual worlds. We have accomplished this goal in a variety of ways by producing three distinct products:

  • Analytics Dashboard – metrics and events tracking
  • SceneExplorer – user session visualization & analysis
  • ExitPoll – in-app surveys for user feedback

Each product helped our customers understand their experiences better, and we soon found many taking advantages of these features to produce user & product testing suites for real world objects. As these use cases evolved, so did our tooling. We added features like deeper aggregation support for our SceneExplorer visualization tool, voice comments for ExitPoll, and automatic geography support for Dashboard.

In early 2017, we started to see customers utilize our platform for augmented and mixed reality. As the year progressed, we saw our customer base become increasingly diversified, and we built SDK support for each new platform. Despite the technological diversity of our product, our name remained tied to only one part of the solutions we offer: virtual reality. Additionally, many prospective customers and partners were surprised to hear that we already worked with both AR and MR! The exclusivity we accidentally signalled with our branding was simply getting in the way of acquiring more users to our platform, and thus we had a new challenge: our name.

To put it simply, we are not a VR company, nor are we an MR or AR company. We are a 3D spatial analytics company. Our technology stack receives inputs from humans who are connecting with digital realities, and we are not tied to a specific device paradigm. Our mission is the same as it always was, but now we understand the technology to be more broadly defined.

Our new name is Cognitive3D.

Our mission is to understand human perception with digital realities.

Posted by Tony Bevilacqua
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