Enterprise Reporting Launched at AWE 2019

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Over the last few years we have been perfecting what it means to visualize and interpret behavior within 3D space, manifesting into tools like SceneExplorer, ObjectExplorer and our dashboard functionality. Boiling a huge amount of data into digestable insights is no easy task, and as we shift our attention from best-in-class visualization to the automatic surfacing of insights, we are announcing our Reporting Engine.

The Reporting Engine was designed to provide a clear and direct result for individual sessions, individual incremental improvement, and cohort results. Enterprise clients conducting research or looking to improve workforce productivity or safety will be able to identify a clear result from their simulations.

The reporting engine will support the following initial report types, which will be expanded based on customer feedback, as well as bespoke requirements:

  • Individual Session Report: Provides a single session report card on the users progression, duration and compliance through steps, as well as any ExitPoll results.
  • Individual Progress Report: Provides an incremental view into an individual user and their progression through a particular scene over time, and contrasting metrics to demonstrate improvement or decline in performance.
  • Cohort Report: Provides a view into a cohort of unrelated users, such as a class of trainees. Provides high level performance metrics for each session, aggregate metrics, and an ability to explore individual reports.

In addition to support for these reports, the system has been designed with enterprise scalability in mind, and we have added the following capabilities to this functionality:

  • API Support: The ability to generate reports on the fly with an API call, and be delivered a PDF. This allows enterprises to build custom workflows with Cognitive3D
  • Email Support: The ability to send email reports to pre-defined users, or to specify a session email in user parameters that will automatically be sent a report
  • Branding: Support for full whitelabelling and branding of the reports in conjunction with a branded shared cloud, or dedicated cloud.
  • Custom Reports: Licensors of our branded shared cloud, or dedicated cloud will be able to leverage our modular reporting architecture in customizing any of the above reports, or supplementing with additional report types unique to their business.

Reporting was an important step in our roadmap to better fulfil the needs of our enterprise clients in having a clear and fixed result from a particular session or cohort of users. As we look at how to surface these insights moving forward, we will be looking to Machine Learning and other algorithms that might assist our customer in identifying additional hidden insights that assist their research or improve workforce productivity.

The Reporting Engine will be on display at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in San Jose from May 30th to May 31st at our booth 1045. Drop me a reply to this email if you are interested in connecting at the show!

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Posted by Tony Bevilacqua
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