Cognitive3D is Now Available on the Unity Asset Store

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We are thrilled to announce that Cognitive3D is now available on the Unity Asset Store, bringing our cutting-edge analytics solution to an even broader audience. We are the only analytics platform available that is specifically designed for VR/AR.

Visit our asset listing here:

Our SDK is free to use and can be easily integrated into any Unity project.

Cognitive3D lets you see every move and decision your users make within your VR/AR apps. We automatically collect and make sense of eye tracking, controller movement, 3D positioning and user engagement.

VR/AR Analytics Dashboard:

Get insights into how users are interacting with your VR/AR apps. Unity Analytics tells you what happened. We can tell you "why" and "how" it happened.

For example:

  • Where do they spend the most time?
  • Where are important events happening?
  • Where are they getting stuck?

Real Time User Perspective:

  • Get a 1 to 1 replay of exactly what users did within VR/AR by tracking their eyes, hands and head.

App Performance:

  • Track your app performance across different devices. Identify where frames are dropping off, device battery efficiency and more.

Spatial Optimization:

  • Track immersive insights such as user comfort and presence based on their use of space in VR/AR.

Dynamic Objects:

  • Tag Objects of interest and discover how users interact with them within the 3D environment

Evaluate Success at Scale:

  • Measure sequential or non-sequential user behaviors from your VR/AR app based on events, gaze, position, biometrics and survey answers.

In-App Surveys:

  • Deliver questionnaires to users directly within VR/AR and get instant feedback. Get more accurate survey results by reducing the time between participant experience and the questions

Posted by Albert Liu
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