Building cars with VR/AR?

Inform product development with insights from customer interactions and behavior.


Track metrics and trends around participant behavior. Answer questions related interactions with virtual vehicle prototypes.


See through your testers eyes. Replay participant sessions 1:1 with SceneExplorer, or explore aggregated gaze and path data.


VR/AR ready participant polling and feedback tools mean your team gets instant information as your testers explore.

What can we measure?


Track accurate head movement and retinal position.


How did the participant move through the experience?


Where did events happen? How long was session time?


How can physical and emotional state be leveraged in your design process?

Where does it apply for car manufacturers?

Measure action and engagement in immersive vehicle experiences

  • Identify trims and packages that resonate across demographics
  • Explore participant insights and sentiment towards vehicle prototypes
  • Collect feedback on console and instrument cluster configurations and usability
  • Measure physiological feedback from sensors, in conjunction with visual gaze

Develop insights around showroom configurations

  • Which configurations work for each market?
  • Track vitals to identify excitement for physical response

Identify issues or compliance with training scenarios

  • Test for completion of objectives
  • Measure participant visual engagement against set objectives and outcomes.

Test manufacturing and assembly line configurations

  • Build effective lines by testing workers' efficiency prior to construction

Determine health and safety issues in manufacturing process

  • Review manufacturing process engagement
  • Test for employee movement profiles
  • Identify scenarios which measure phyiscal fatigue

Build better cars.

cognitive3D's analytics technology gives you a 1:1 look into your customer behaviour. Put down the clipboards and start analyzing the digital world.

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